Buyers from retail will attend the Private Label Iberia Expo to find new product source from Iberian Peninsula and worldwide.

Why Private Label Expo?

The branding store products has received growing interest from shoppers. In the coming years, these products are expected to keep growing in the shelves of Iberian Peninsula retailing as well as in others around the world.

Spain and Portugal, together leads in Store brands in EU, that is, more than half of the products sold at retail are private label. That´s why local manufacturers allocate part of their production to supply store branding products.

According to the market assessment of the business consultancy Nielsen, in 20 years, the loyalty of the Portuguese to the store brands went from 5% to 30%. In Spain, another identical study points out that more than 81% of shoppers have consumed branded store products as a choice, due to quality versus price.

The Private Label market will continue to increase in the next twenty years, taking into account economic factors, consumption options, regional and international expansion of distribution companies. The market evidence determined the helding of the Private Label Iberia Expo in Lisbon from May 17th to 18th, 2022.

Private Label Iberia is a trade show to supply products for food and non-food retail. It was designed to serve as business meeting between exhibitors and buyers from Peninsula Iberian and worldwide. Guarantee your space at the event now!


Product Sourcing

Food & Drinks

Beauty & Personal Care


Cleaning & Household

Tableware & Kitchenware

Home & Decoration


Garden & Balconies

Home Improvement & DIY

Car care & Accessories

Toys & Gifts

School, Office and Electronic Supplies


In conjunction with PLI Expo 2022

This product zone with full of stands of D.O.P. products (Protected Designation of Origin) and presents the agrifood producers from Atlantic and Mediterranean terroir. Its a special opportunity to find exclusive gourmet source for your branding store product.

The event provides a special space for conducting conferences and master classes of wines and agri-food products DOP. Own place for the promotion of quality wines in conjuction with harmoning of DOP products, in order to respond to the growth of local and international demand for Private Label Gourmet from Iberian Peninsula and from other regions.

In conjunction with PLI Expo 2022

Exhibition zone designed for ICT Companies to show their ICT solutions for smart retailing of food and no food interested in improving its distribution, adding efficiency to the sales of retail products.

This area provides digital lectures by speakers from exhibitors of ICT as well as executives from Retail. During the three days of the event, operational trends will be presented at DigitalTalks to promote the application of intelligent solutions into distribution operations.

Business opportunities at Private Label Expo

Participation of Importers and buyers from food and non-food retailing to find local white label products.

Trade Show focused on White Label products to supply all food and non-food distribution chains.

Business meetings between exhibitors and buyers supported by Hosted Buyer Program of Private Label Iberia to be held in Lisbon.

This App facilitates and serves to promote business meetings during the event. It’s the PLI Matchmaking Service App. Exhibitors and Buyers will be able to create their business profiles and access schedules of meetings, in addition to sending messages, enhancing business meetings taking place at PLI Expo 2022, in Lisbon.

Private Label Iberia Expo also promotes a Invitation Program that allows Exhibitors to invite their customers or prospects from different countries. Business Meetings at the stands and at PLI Hosted Buyer Lounge will be promoted by all means of the organizer, including via PLI Matchmaking.

For more information about stands and participation at PLI Expo taking place in Lisbon, please contact at email: exhibit@privatelabeliberia.pt .