COVID-19 Compliances

Unipeer Solutions, organizer and director of Private Label Iberia works to ensure the best environment for this event. The organizer is in permanent contact with the Health and Safety Entities of the Carlos Lopes Pavilion Events Center. All sanitary measures will be taken in favor of visitors and exhibitors to find a clean and safe environment. For this purpose there is a joint work between the pavilion and the organizer of the event.
  • Access to the events is subject to pre-registration, thus, all attendees must access the event places holding their badges Private Label Iberia.
  • All sanitary procedures will be applied throughout the Carlos Lopes Pavilion permanently.
  • The body temperature of exhibitors and visitors will be carried out.
  • COVID Digital Certificate and negative test result will be required for all visitors and exhibitors.
  • Mandatory use of masks at the event.
  • The Carlos Lopes Pavilion building has a maximum occupancy based on its available the size of event, and will monitor the registration of exhibitors and visitors, to ensure that the maximum occupancy is never exceeded.
  • The organizer of Private Label Iberia, is in constant observation of all the norms of the General Directorate of Health, and of other Health Regulatory Entities, and equally, will faithfully undertake to comply with them.