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For many years, private label events have been held in several countries. And now Portugal, becomes part of this international calendar with Private Label Iberia Expo (PLI Expo) that will held in Lisbon from February 09 to 10, 2022  at Pavilhão Carlos Lopes.

PLI Expo is the new Iberia´s Major International Event that bring together dozens of manufacturers interested to “export private label” to many countries. The event will introduce many suppliers of  technologies for “smart retailing” .

The private label market is growing exponentially, due to the consumption of products with the best quality and at the best price. According to the consulting firm Nielsen, in 20 years, the shopping of the Portuguese people to private label brands has gone from 5% to 30%, and it may increase with the growing commitment of retailers and the entry of new Discounters.

In Spain, store brands represent half of the products and in Portugal around 43%. In Europe, the market share exceeds 30%. By the end of 2019, the private label gained traction in 14 of the 19 countries analyzed by Nielsen. In the case of the United Kingdom and Germany, the market share remains above 49%, while in Italy it has grown by two percentage points, its biggest advance to date.

At the local market for store brands, the strategy of the various retail brands also involves internal innovation across the business, resulting in the entry of new items in the existing assortment. In this context, opportunities are opened for manufacturers and suppliers with the Private Label Iberia Expo, which reaches the market to promote the export of “local sourcing” in the face of multiple factors related to sustainability and international traceability of products destined for the distributor. At Private Label Iberia Expo, industry and retailing go hand in hand to sustainability.


Private Label Iberia Expo is the place to discuss current issues and identify new challenges in the world of private label. From business meeting to largest business platform in the private label sector on the Iberian Peninsula, the PLI Conferences (Private Label Iberia Conferences) stand out for now, where it is intended to bring together professionals and specialists from the industry and retail, to reply to the question of what will be the distribution of private label products in the food and non-food trade from 2022 to 2030, and in a complementary way, presentation of other important issues as export, packaging development, sustainability, consumer behavior, among others.

In a different but equally challenging register, the PLI Expo will stage DigitalTalks performed by speakers from ICT companies for the development of “smart retail”. DigitalTalks presents the main digital trends in food and non-food distribution, among other innovations to ecommerce and digital marketing.

In conjunction with the PLI Conferences and DigitalTalks, the DOP Experiences program presents workshops and masterclasses on wines and DOP products for distribution brands. PLI Expo provides opportunities to export to the four corners of the world through the Hosted Buyers program. The main mission of Hosted Buyer Program is to ensure the visits of buyers at B2B meetings at PLI Expo 2022.

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