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New exhibitors of PLI

Healthy food will be present at Private Label Iberia, also through Daflori, with a range for brand stores. Daflori provides new concept in vegetarian diet products balanced, healthy, original foods with nutrients, proudly designed, tested and manufactured according to the highest quality standards. Come visit Private Label Iberia to discover Daflori’s extensive offer to compose its range of healthy foods for its distributor brand. For more information visit the website

Uniovo supplies eggs with your brand store pack. Uniovo have been proven quality allowed it to expand its area of operation, not only in the national market, but also in the community market. Uniovo stands out at the Privata Label Iberia with its presentation of a range of products and packaging for its private label. For more information about uniovo, go to the website

Since 1978 SICARZE has been bringing quality food products to the table of Portuguese families. There are decades of knowledge and skills acquired in the areas of slaughter, processing, preparation and distribution of meat. SICARZE participates in Private Label Iberia with a wide range of delicatessen, groceries and frozen products for private label with an efficient distribution of its products throughout the Iberian territory. For more information about SICARZE, access the website

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